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Cognitive Training

Cognitive training encompasses cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation. It focuses on tasks that help recover and maintain brain functioning in older adults using different techniques, activities and exercises. Cognitive rehabilitation is the term used for helping to recover previous functioning after an episode of cognitive decline. Cognitive stimulation is used in a preventive manner to improve, potentiate and preserve executive functioning. 

Cognitive Training has a lot of benefits:

These are some of the common difficulties that are addressed:

What do we work on in Cognitive Training?

Primarily, we work on neuroplasticity or the capacity of the nervous system to adapt and minimize the effects of lesions through structural and functional reorganization. The goal is to increase cerebral reserve to limit cognitive decline due to age or specific pathologies.  This service is available in Spanish and English.


An initial evaluation is necessary prior to beginning treatment. Frequently a neuropsychological evaluation is necessary to determine each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, a referral may be made for a complete medical evaluation by either a neurologist or a geriatrician. The duration depends on the individual’s needs. Each session lasts between 30-60 minutes. Sessions are scheduled 2-3 times per week to maximize consolidation of strategies and may last between 6 months to 2 years depending on the degree of cognitive decline.

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