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About Us

From dream to reality

Holistic Mind Steps was born of the common vision of Maria Luisa and Analida. One day, they were speaking about future plans. In explaining their dream clinic, they described exactly the same thing: a dream for the integral care of individuals in a single place, that inspires relaxation, harmony and balance. Thus, this Center where everything is connected in health, wellness and positive energy was born. Putting love first, we achieve each individual’s transformation to her/his best self.


Holistic Mind Steps is a clinic that moves people forward so they may become their best selves by integrating all the dimensions of human beings- mind, body and spirit using a compassionate, holistic approach in a serene, organized environment that is profitable for all.


Holistic Mind Steps helps each person achieve their best self in mind, body and spirit through trust and understanding in a harmonious environment. We empower our clients to love themselves and live their lives to the fullest at every moment.


RESPECT: In HMS, respect is reflected through recognizing the diversity of the individual’s rights, beliefs, qualities, customs, spirituality, preferences and belonginess. We give at every moment a dignify, cordial and tolerant treatment based on the necessities of mental, physical, and general health to everyone that enters our space searching for a better quality of life.

EMPATHY: being one of the most important values of the work we do, we believe strongly that only through empathy healthy interpersonal relationships are built. In syntony with what the other feels, it gives the space to create positive emotional experiences and potentialize integral wellness.

COMMITMENT: It is our commitment in quality in our vocation and responsibility to guide our clients with determination and perseverance forwards in wellness by offering quality services.

HUMANITY: We offer a space where we honor the humanity that in all of us through kindness, compassion, and a warm relationship; that highlights the importance of celebrating our similarities and differences in all spheres with love, acceptance and dignity.

INTEGRITY: We are an integral clinic that is governed by the highest standards of ethics present in our daily practice. Our services and the information we provide and receive is protecting your confidentiality at every moment not just internally but also at the external level with procedures previously authorized by all our clients.

TRUST: Offering a serene and safe space free from stigmas, we work on creating a relationship of trust with all our clients by offering information, tools and care. We work with dedication to reach the objectives determined by our clients.

COLLABORATION: In HMS we believe in teamwork and integral care, therefore we contain different disciplines under the same roof that support each other. Our balance environment offers at every moment personalized attention, information and comfort to all our clients thus they can make the best decisions, achieve integral wellness and the best version of themselves.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” -Carl Jung


María Luisa Hincapié


Analida Arango


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