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Family Therapy

Family Therapy differs from other therapies because more than one family member is present to help solve the conflict in a joint effort. The goal is to understand how the family system is built, identify the difficulties within it and help the family make shifts to improve functioning and maximize happiness for all involved.

The therapist seeks to listen to and understand each individual’s perspective about the conflict and helps promote finding positive solutions and alternatives that lead the family to restructure and interact in a healthier way.  This service is offered in English, Spanish or French. 

The following situations are addressed in Family Therapy:

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An initial evaluation will be done prior to starting therapy. Sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes and are conducted weekly or every other week. The length of time families come to treatment vary widely but on average it is for 3-6months. It is essential that all family members assist, unless otherwise indicated by the therapist.

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