Ever since she could remember, Sofia has had a true, devoted interested in everything Health related. Due to personal experience, she finds Ayurveda more than a decade ago, only to find the magic and healing of self-care and yoga; practices that change her life.

Sofía is a lover of nature and is passionate in helping other find their balance.  Besides the certifications in Yoga, Ayurveda Counseling, Life & Health Coaching she also holds a degree in Law and Political Science from la USMA in Panama.

Health Coaching (Ayurveda)

Sofia’s Helath Coaching is mainly based in Ayurveda Science, as a base to find integral health and sustainability. Sofía is an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, by the Seventi Institute, founded by James Bailey. She has more than a decade of experience practicing and sharing this Science. She credits her personal health, as well as her clients to Ayurveda; An ancient science that is so complete and whole, with health benefits that are effective even at this day and age.
This particular Health Coaching, looks to help clients find their own balance, so they can make more intuitive and healthy choices through their lifetime. It’s also meant to be enjoyed, so feeling good in our bodies is of essence. 
We work to cultivate new lifestyle habits, a better diet, elevated and intuitive nutrition and more. Building of a ‘’practice’’ is reinforced.
And we are looking to work towards a happy balance and ‘’healthy again’’; and there is no better inspiration for this path than Ayurveda.

Mindful Mama Coaching 

A Coaching for new mothers to find: balance, warmth and joy in this important transition. It includes practices like: Ayurveda and Yoga, as well as new habits and practices we can effectively bring into this new phase. We cover how to nourish and empower our bodies through movement, relaxation, meditation and nutrition. Self care, is also a big theme in this style of Coaching; a practice that can be born with the New Mama, too.

The idea is in giving mama this support, so she can navigate this moment with more energy, calm and positivity. And this will benefit everyone!