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Vocational Assessments

A vocational assessment is used to help support high school graduates in selecting their potential careers. It is an educational intervention focused on preventing multiple college/career changes by giving the student tools to make the best possible career choice for her/his individual goals.

Vocational Assessments can be done in an individual or group format. Self-understanding is promoted through presentations and activities. Students are encouraged to use this newfound knowledge along with the provided analysis of academic offerings and labor market demands to make the best decision.

We offer vocational assessments for those students wishing to study in Panama or abroad. This service is available in Spanish and English.

What do we work on in a Vocational Assessment?

At HMS, it is important that the individual understand their capacities, yield, motivation, interests and competency and that these are congruent with their personality. The objective is that the individual can make a free but informed decision about the best academic options for them.

With collaboration and support from parents and school, the student will feel more secure in choosing the most suitable career for herself/himself/themself.


Holistic Mind Steps has several different programs available that are adaptable to the individual needs of each student. An initial evaluation is necessary prior to starting the vocational orientation program. This session can last 60 to 90 minutes.

Marine E Peyronnet H

Clinical Psychologist

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